We are Finndon

It’s time to break away from tradition and step into the future of financial services. #FinancialIndependence

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Your future at your fingertips

Finndon is so much more than just a fintech, we are a community of like‑minded people with a shared goal, helping you achieve a sense of financial security and freedom. It’s a place for all. A place to grow, learn and invest in your financial future.

Driven with purpose

Feeling in control of your financial future is an opportunity we are not all given. Barriers and obstacles exist that hold us back from truly achieving financial freedom. We are on a mission to help you break down these barriers. With our smart tools to spend, save & invest, your future is in your hands.

Empowerment brings Opportunities

Our purpose is to empower you. To empower you with knowledge. To empower you to seize opportunities. To empower you to make decisions. To empower you to own your financial future.

Finndon about us banner

Our Core

Our values are behind everything we do. From every decision we make, to every pound we spend, our principles are guided by our values.


Integrity in all we do.


We treat everyone the same: respect and tolerance


Impact over everything.


Committed to uncomplicating the complicated


Belief and support for people by people

Change is collective.
Join us on our journey.

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